Airport Briefing

Airport Overview


Lugano airport (LSZA/LUG), elevation 915 ft / 279 m, is located 2.5 NM / 4 km west of Lugano City.


Lugano Airport is a civil airport opened to:

  • Airplanes and helicopters
  • Private, commercial and scheduled traffic
  • IFR and VFR flights

The aerodrome is located inside a CTR class D. The airspace is controlled by Skyguide during the AD OPR HR operating hours:

  • MON - SUN (+ HOLIDAYS): 0700-1100 (0600-1000) and 1230-1900 (1130-1800)

Operations may be conducted under IFR, SVFR, or VFR where all flights are subject to ATC clearance and IFR traffics are procedurally controlled.


  • There is one runway 01 / 19 oriented
  • 1‘415 m x 30 m in asphalt and grooved
  • PCN 40/F/B/W/T
  • Two RESA of 30 meters at each runway end
  • Runway 01 : 0.4% Upslope
  • Runway 19 : 0.4% Downslope

Ground Services

  • Hangar, major aircraft repairs
  • AVGAS 100LL, JET A1
  • Aircraft de-icing/anti-icing service available from 1st of November to 30th of April

  • "Follow me" SER available only on request on Arrival. Once on the parking stand and inorder the get handling assistance, crews can call the following frequencies:

  • Airline Handling Agent: 131.430 MHz
  • General Aviation Handling: 131.805 MHz
Embarking and disembarking crew members, passengers, luggage, catering with running engine is prohibited. For handling and refueling services, priority is given to scheduled flights. Refueling with running engines is prohibited. Exception can be granted by the Airport Authority for emergency reasons.

Fire Protection

Lugano Airport provides the following rescue and firefighting services:

  • Category 3
  • Category 4 on request 3 HR before ETA/ETD
  • Higher category can be guaranteed on requested 3 hours before ETA/ETD
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