Airport Briefing

Contingency Procedures


The characteristics of the terrain surrounding Lugano airport are quite demanding in terms of aircraft climb performances. For example, the Procedure Designed Gradient (PDG) for take-off and initial climb on RWY 19 is up to 10.2%.

Missed Approach

During all IFR approaches, the applicable MDA and the corresponding minimum visibility shall be predefined by the operator and the flight crew considering the daily performance limits of the corresponding aircraft given by mass, temperature, density, and wind conditions (including, where applicable, the Company contingency procedures).

Contingency Procedures

Note that depending on the performance of the aircraft, operators may need to establish contingency procedures for certain flight maneuvers (take-off on RWY 19 with VIS less than 3000 meters).

  • Operators shall calculate and publish the necessary performance tables, such as Mass, Airport and Temperature for the operation in Lugano and for the Individual Runway Tables (IRT) including:
  • MTOM tables for all applicable standard instrument departures (SID), covering one engine inoperative (OEI) conditions
  • MLM tables for approach covering the speed requirements
  • Table for applicable minima covering the requirements for the missed approach gross climb gradient
  • If required, the contingency procedure covering the entire MAT items above

Contingency Procedure for Circling CHARLIE

The contingency procedure for the circling CHARLIE is a requirement. The use of this circling procedure is only allowed to operators holding an approved contingency procedure, covering a missed approach maneuvers initiated from circling procedure.

In exception to the above operators not holding an approved contingency procedure for the circling CHARLIE may fly the procedure only under the following conditions:

  • day time only, and
  • VIS 5000 meters or more and ceiling 3100ft AAL or higher, and
  • the pilots have at least a pilot qualification type A

Calculation Philosophy

The Commander is responsible to conduct the airplane safely within the certified envelope (AFM) and in compliance with the current regulations regarding proper weather conditions as well as published procedures for LSZA airport.

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