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Airport Briefing



Welcome to the Lugano Qualification web site provided by the LSZA Airport Authority. Lugano Airport is situated in mountainous terrain, wherein the flight procedures and aircraft performances are affected by its natural obstacles. For this reason, the approach to and the departure from Lugano are limited to flight crews fulfilling the requirements of the concept for mandatory familiarization.

The Airport Briefing is meant to support you in your personal flight preparation.

The Lugano Airport Qualification covers the different operational requirements necessary to execute flights to or from Lugano such as aircraft performance operational requirements and pilot training. The familiarization briefing and the test serve to make you familiar with the local conditions and will enable you to execute a safe and stress-free approach and take-off.

The only purpose of this publication is to increase the safety of operations to and from LSZA.

Application Procedure

The application for the pilot qualification type A, may be done directly via internet. To achieve the Pilot Qualification type A the individual flight crew member shall:

  • 1. Complete a theoretical self-instruction according to the requirements
  • 2. File the registration form to
  • 3. Accomplish the test
  • 4. Obtain a certificate sent by e-mail

To achieve the Lugano Airport Qualification B and C according to the TRAM, operators or pilots shall apply in written form to the Airport Authority, at the following address: airportauthority@luganoairport.ch

Helicopter flight crews are allowed to operate without Lugano Qualification.

A third attempt is only possible after 24 hours.

In this section you will find therefore some general information concerning the main operational issues of Lugano Airport such as:

  • Airport general
  • General operational requirements
  • Local weather and aviation hazards
  • Geographic and topographic situation
  • Approach and departure procedures
  • Noise abatement and communication procedures
  • Aircraft performance (AEO and OEI)
  • Emergency and contingency procedures
  • Safety and security rules for crews and passengers

The personal flight preparation of any pilot intending to operate into Lugano shall however go beyond the information contained in these pages, and shall be based on current official documents.

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