Airport Briefing

Lugano Qualification Requirements


Lugano Airport is situated in mountainous terrain. Due to this geographical and meteorological situation, the use of the airport, under IFR or commercial VFR, is limited to pilots having successfully completed the mandatory familiarization briefing.

NOTE: Check first if you are qualified! Each pilot is responsible to be qualified and current. Each pilot must be able to prove, to FOCA or the Airport Authority, at any time, that he fulfils these requirements.

To obtain the Lugano Airport Qualification the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • The aircraft must meet the performance requirements according to the Aircraft Certification, including (where necessary) a steep approach and landing certification.
  • Operator’s Contingency Procedures (if required by the type of flight operation) must be calculated and available.
  • The flight crew must hold a valid Pilot Qualification for the applicable type of operation and flight procedures.


Flight Procedure Qualification A Qualification B & C
Briefing Airport qualification type A is valid for two years
Within 12 months NIL The pilot in command shall fly at least 1 IFR approach into and 1 IFR departure from LSZA
Between 12 and 24 months NIL The applicable minima for the first 3 approaches shall be augmented by 500 feet for Ceiling and the applicable visibility by 1000 meters
More than 24 months NIL New qualification is required
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